We Got Zoned

We Got Zoned

We were hit by a surprise 1-2-2 Zone D two nights ago (Wednesday Night Bball) and we failed to make the necessary adjustments on offense. Though we lost most of the games by only 1 or 2 points (kept it competitive), it was disappointing that we were unable to make corrections within the game and in-between games. On and Off-court communication is key to a successful offense (and defense).

The other team deserves the credit. They employed an unexpected but very aggressive trapping Zone D the moment they stepped on the court when WE, typical of North American pick-up bball, play the man-to-man. These guys had serious plans of winning that night.

I expect them to re-apply the same defensive policy the next time they show up, and our team will be more prepared in dealing with the situation by (1) finding gaps in their zone, (2) posting up guys with good jumpers in key spots and (3) having a good baseline guy run from corner to corner waiting for the drop-off pass. We should also do a better job (4) dribble-penetrating the painted area though this will be challenging given their height advantage.


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