Is Melo a Stark or a Lannister?

As I love the game of Basketball AND am a huge fan of the Game of Thrones TV series (I have all five published books and have the first two seasons in DVD pre-ordered from Amazon), I found it cool to see Carmelo Anthony promoting the upcoming GOT Season 3 (March 31st on HBO). I won’t lie, his acting could have been better – he’s no Jesus Shuttlesworth – but it was still a delight seeing him on The Throne.

Coincidentally, I and some friends will be watching Carmelo and his Knicks tomorrow night playing “our” Raptors. Hopes of seeing the prolific small forward here in TO almost went up in smoke when Melo injured himself recently. (He missed the Knicks’ last three games.)

Let’s see who wins the battle here in “Winterfell”!

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